I’ve spent my career on both sides of the fence. I joined the military right out of highschool. The recruiter asked me what I wanted to do in the military and kindly replied: “Something I won’t do in the real world”. Three weeks later I was in Army boot camp to become a combat engineer working with explosives. All I kept thinking was “I should have said supply.” I’m still part time in the military today. I’m an officer with the Air National Guard. I protect America one weekend a month and two weeks a summer. I’m not in explosives anymore. Thank goodness. At least I still have all of my fingers.

I was also a government contractor, then turned into a government employee. I worked with computers which at the time meant I needed to be a webmaster. This was my real introduction to the internet and web world. I still remember my military boss telling about the good’ole days when she would call someone versus sending an email. I’m glad those days are over. Have you tried holding an old school phone to your ear for a long time? It starts to hurt after a while.

When I made the leap to an entrepreneur I was scared. Super scared. Well, at first I was excited, but then I was scared. I still remember going to my first web meeting with a client. I was sitting in my car thinking “I have to make these people like me enough to give money”.  That was scary cause previously working for the Government I would show up to a meeting, take a few notes or taskers and move on with my day, hardly remembering the meeting nor if people liked me.

That particular meeting went well and they ended up being great clients. From that point on I knew the key to success was coming up with creative solutions and taking massive action. Always.

Creative Action = Creative Solutions

This has been my mantra for success. I actually have two mantras which I follow. The second one is for when I am feeling awkward in a place that I need to be. When I would rather be somewhere else. I just repeat “Feel the uncomfortableness but do it anyways”.

How does someone become an entrepreneur? You know, I am not sure. I think everyone has their own path. For me, it was about doing things differently. Taking the path less traveled and doing things most people would save “I could never do that”. These are all simple things which pushed out of my comfort zone mentally (doing standup comedy), and physically (Racing two Ironman Triathlons, A couple marathons, and a couple 100 plus mile mountain bike races). None of these things are undoable, and I not even close to being the best at any of them. However, going through the process of doing something most people wouldn't consider (still not sure why most wouldn’t) has helped me with doing the ugly work and showing up ready to work even when I don’t want too.

So could I help someone become an entrepreneur? I am 100% certain I could, however, you would have to show up and be ready to work. You can email me if you’d like.


I do love Chuck Taylor's. I try to wear them with every outfit. My wife sometimes stops me. However, most of the time she just lets me roll with it. That’s why I love her. I kinda think I like Chuck Taylor’s so much because I don’t have to think. I just know I am wearing them. Maybe decision fatigue is a real thing.


President Obama believed in it. “I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing because I have too many other decisions to make.” President Obama

So if that's a good enough reason for the one-time leader of the free world to wear the same color suit every day, then that's a good enough reason for me.